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Saturday, 28th May, 2005
Habitat World, India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road
19:30 hrs (be seated by 19:15)

A dramatic comedy. Directed and adapted by Vikram Kapadia.

Two men in the Cantonment area of Pune are busy practising for the Bombay Marathon. In the course of a nonstop practice session, they discuss speed, distance, strength, endurance, and swap anecdotes from their joint and separate histories. Before our eyes we watch the entire exercise turns into a metaphor for an existential journey. We find ourselves left with uneasy questions about success, competition, power, identity, and, of course, the meaning of life and death. What's it all about? And what's it worth?

Director quotes:
when I read Erba's 'Marathon', at Sanjna Kapoor's suggestion, I was reminded of how much more there is in theatre to do, how many more voices to explore.”
above all, here was a play that was deceptive in its simplicity, leading one insidiously and seamlessly from the intensely specific predicament of two competitive testosteronal men to those perennial questions about the meaning of life.”

Tickets worth Rs.250, 200, 150 and 100
are available at the programme desk.
Ph: 24682222, 26482034

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