Friday, February 3

Theatre Fest, 6-9th Feb (META)

Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Awards

Date: 6-9th Feb 2006


6th Feb
4pm: Crossings (in English) by Vikram Iyengar at FICCI Auditorium (Free Passes)
7pm: Witness for the Prosecution (In English) by M.Bhaskar at Sri Ram Center (Tickets)

7th Feb
4pm: Rabi'a (in English) by Seema Agrawal and Abhilash Pillai at FICCI Auditorium (Free Passes)
7pm: Sarhad Paar Manto (in Hindi) by Usha Ganguli at Sri Ram Center (Tickets)

8th Feb
4pm: Translations (In English) by Mallika Prasad at IIC (Free Passes)
7pm: Chekov in my Life (in Hindi) by Mushtaq Kak at Sri Ram Center (Tickets)

9th Feb
4pm: Peele Scooterwaala Aadmi (in Hindi) by Manav Kaul at FICCI Auditorium (Free Passes)
7pm: Sammy! (in English) by Lillete Dubey at Sri Ram Center (Tickets)

Note: Both the free passes and tickets (Rs.100/200/300) are available at
  • Teksons Bookshop (South Ex and GK 1)
  • The Music Shop (Khan Market)
  • IIC (Indian International Center)
  • FICCI Auditorium
  • Sri Ram Center
Also, at FICCI only one pass per person is being given. I'd recommend that you try Sri Ram Center, which is in the lane next to FICCI (the one that is currently an exit towards ITO). Else, I have a few passes.


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