Saturday, June 10

RSJ Pubrockfest

(Apologies for the delay in posting this. But the rest of the gigs should be fun. I'm particularly looking forward to Skinny Alley at Soho on the 15th, TAAQ on the 18th and Zero on 25th. No confirmation of timings, so will post as soon as I find out)

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This June, gear up for some rocking action as some of India's finest bands get set to invade Delhi spread over 8 pubs and 9 gigs...

Here then is the schedule for the fest:

    June 4 - Climax - Cassini's Division (Kolkata), Them Clones (Delhi) & Vayu (Mumbai)

    June 8 - DV8 - Level 9 (Delhi), HFT (Delhi) & Black Market (Mumbai)

    June 11 - Turquoise Cottage - Vishnu (Delhi), Felixis (Shillong) & Prestorika (Delhi)

    June 15 - Soho - Menwhopause (Delhi), Plan B (Kolkata) & Skinny Alley (Kolkata)

    June 18 - Royale Mirage - Advaita (Delhi), Orange Street (Delhi) & Thermal And A Quarter (Bangalore)

    June 22 - The Mezz - Alter Ego (Delhi), Descant (Delhi) & Oritus (Delhi)

    June 25 - Cafe Chinese & Thai - Levitikus (Delhi), Menwhopause (Delhi) & Zero (Mumbai)

    June 25 - Elevate - Prestorika (Delhi), Joint Family (Delhi) & Zero (Mumbai)

    June 28 - DV8 - Sadhika Menon (Ranchi), Half Step Down (Delhi) & SFR (Shillong)

Tickets for the gigs will be priced at Rs.100/- per gig and will be available at the venue or at the RSJ office. Individual club/bar rules will apply.

Update: According to RSJ forums, the last few gigs began around 9:40 pm. 9pm should be a safe bet


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