Tuesday, May 31

Sunday - Thursday, 5th June - 9th June, 2005
Vatsalaya - Art with a Heart
Visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat Centre,
Lodhi Road, New Delhi
1000 hrs - 2000 hrs (and/or gallery timings apply)

‘VATSALAYA’ started its caravan in 2003 with the ‘art-ivist' brother –sister duo conducting their first ‘Awareness through Art’ campaign first in the elite quarters of IHC in 2003 and then a mass crusade in 2004 At the National Zoological Park, New Delhi, during ‘Animal Welfare Fortnight’. [...] Pulkit Khanna (17) & Yavnika (20) have portrayed animals in their joyful moods & in their natural habitat-the way they should be. The paintings show most of them as mother & child in bliss. The paintings are in mixed media (Indian ink, water colors, crayons & acrylic).

Further details can be had here.

Entry is open to all.

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