Sunday, July 30

The Monsoon Festival

In the offing is Art, Theatre, Cinema, Music and readings, all on Monsoon.

Date: 29th July to 3rd August
Event programme: here
A detailed programme: here

Venue: The Alliance Francaise, (D13 South Extension Part 2, New Delhi - 110 049)

About The Festival
Monsoon holds a special place in the Indian heart. An omnipotent creative catalyst, it is the source of multi-hued awakenings and experiences; from the delightful expressions of love (in celebration and bereavement) to the experience of change as symbolised by change in nature (and a celebration thereof), to inspiring awe and terror with its at times ferocious grandeur. To state the obvious, it is capable even of polar experiences, as in the case of it being associated with fertility and renewal on the one hand, and havoc, chaos and destruction on the other. The Monsoon is not just the rain, but a season, one that offers a range of other complex sensual, visual and aesthetic experiences. The festival hopes to foreground this by presenting varied interpretations and narratives of the monsoon in visual art, music, theatre, cinema and readings.


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