Thursday, August 3


Geeta Chandran presents Kaikeyi

Date: August 25-26, 2006
Venue: Akshara theatre
Performance Outline:
  • Act One reinvents the form of a praveshadaru to paint a portrait of Kaikeyi through movement
  • Act Two uses recorded text in the form of spoken word, rap and song, to create urban political intrigue.
  • Act Three looks at Kaikeyi's inner psyche after events have left her devastated and utterly rejected, utilizing abstract text and theatre techniques.The Prologue and Epilogue situate Kaikeyi's story within the current context, highlighting her as a political – and amazingly contemporary – victim of an unforgiving patriarchal establishment.
Bharatanatyam dancer Geeta Chandran explores new areas of performance art in her latest work entitled KAIKEYI.


(more details when/if I get 'em)


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