Sunday, August 13

MARGINS - a play by Pandies’ Theatre

pandies’ theatre
invites you to a performance of
directed by sanjay kumar

Shri Ram Centre (Main Audi)
18th, 19th and 20th of August 2006
at 6.30 pm

Please be seated 15 minutes before the commencement of the show

MARGINS: Yeh sab tadan ke adhikari

Gender, class, religion and caste, the mainstreaming Indian state has evolved in a manner that many are excluded, they lie on the margins. MARGINS is the coming together of three short scripts linked in their critique of the mainstream of our state and society from diverse peripheral “women” perspectives.

The first plot borrows a real life story from the files of a women’s organisation Shaktishalini. The story is based in Delhi, centring round a lower middle class case of a muslim family. The script examines state constructions of justice for muslims, women and muslim women.

The second leaning on archetypal Dalit autobiographies reconstructs another real story though from a different perspective. It juxtaposes caste and gender. Hidden within a sceptical anti-brahminical cover is the question whether gender transcends caste? Is it possible for a Dalit man to exploit an upper caste woman? Who is in the margins?

The third, set in the lower class, is a rollicking farce. Slicing hegemonic patriarchal structures from diverse marginal perspectives, the script juxtaposes constructions of masculinity with the spirit of football.

Sourced from workshop experiences and conversations with and readings from those involved, the plays have been scripted by Sanjay Kumar, Anuradha Marwah and Anand Prakash respectively.


Blogger chitgo said...

saw the play. whilst the acting was mostly mediocre there were certainly some outstanding elements to the production.
the main critique would lie in the fact that the writers built in one too many issues to deal with within what were already detailed socio-political concepts/issues. this translated consequently into extended and irregular narratives that left the 'punch' factor unattended.
Worth watching for its depiction of underlying indian demarcations though. id give it a 4.5/10.

5:05 PM  

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