Wednesday, August 30

Bloggers' Meet again..

River is hosting a Bloggers' Meet

On: Saturday, 2-9-2006, 1 p.m.
At: Café 100, CP

will you be there?

THURSDAYS ON THE TERRACE: A Film Series on Sexuality

Join us on the CREA Terrace to see great films, enjoy some food, exchange ideas and more. All are welcome but space is limited so let us know in advance if you will be coming.

Date: First Thursday of each month of 2006
Time: 7:00pm - 9:30pm
Venue: CREA's terrace, 2/14, Shantiniketan,
Phone: 24114733, 24113209


07 September: Breakfast on Pluto
Director: Neil Jordan; 2005
A movie about a boy born to be different; Patrick Brady abandoned as a baby in a small Irish town, escapes to London and, as a witty and deceptively tough young transvestite, searches for his mother. All the while insisting on seeing the world as a beautiful place.

05 October: Irreversible
Director: Gaspar Noé, 2002
Events over the course of one traumatic night in Paris unfold in reverse-chronological order as the beautiful Alex (Monica Bellucci) is brutally raped and beaten by a stranger in the underpass.

02 November: Beautiful Boxer
Director: Ekachai Uekrongtham, 2003
This film, adopted from a true life story of Parinya Charoenphol, a Muaythai boxer who underwent a sex change operation to become a woman, addresses selfhood and identity.

07 December: Celluloid Closet
Director: Rob Epstein, Jeffrey Friedman, 1995
A comprehensive documentary of the history of gays and lesbians in cinema, from negative to positive reflections of gay characters and the troubles of actors and actresses

Tuesday, August 29

An Art And Craft Show By Creativegarh At Oxford Bookstore

Oxford Bookstore & Creativegarh
invite you to an
Exhibition of Art and Craft
at Oxford Bookstore
Statesman House, Connaught Place 148 Barakhamba Road, New Delhi 110001
from the 29th of August to the 12th of September
10am to 8 pm (Sundays: 11am to 8pm)
RSPV: Manpreet 23766080

Tuesday, August 22

Friends of Tibet - Meet former political prisoners

Friends of Tibet (Delhi) has organised an interaction with political activists and former political prisoners from the Chinese occupied-Tibet to clear myths surrounding Tibet

Date: August 28, 2006 (Monday)
Time: 6:30pm
Venue: Casurina Hall, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi
Entry: Free

P.s.: I wasn't too sure about posting this, and would like to know what you guys think about posting non-art/entertainment events. I'm not to keen on them, but some of you might be. Lemme know - leave a comment, or mail doingdelhi at gmail dot com.

Sunday, August 20

Skinny Alley, 26 Aug, Garden of Five Senses

I'm beginning to like the kind of events that Prospect Inc. is organising...there's a definite jazz/blues/old rock theme.
Update: This is a part of the “AT HOME” series, monthly concerts in association with Airtel and The Youth Parliament to promote Original I guess we can expect some good music every month
Skinny Alley is one of India’s biggest rock bands comprising some of the most experienced and versatile musicians in the country. Each member of the band brings with them a wealth of experience and skill that adds to the rich sound of the band. Their original music reflects all of this, incorporating as it does, the maturity, the skill, the influences and the experience of the five musicians.
Date: 26th August, 2006
Time: 8:00pm
Venue: Amphitheatre, Garden of the Five Senses, Delhi
Entry: Free, apart from a Delhi Tourism Gate fee for entering the Garden of Five Senses
Map and poster
(click on the images for an enlarged image)
map: poster:

P.s.: There'll be band CD's and merchandise for, I can finally get my Skinny Alley CD's. Yay!

Saturday, August 19

CeC & CaC 2007 curtain raiser event

The proposed incident, presented by India InternationalCentre and TheAcademy of Electronic Arts, is called "The idea of TheIDEA ... and otherideas", and will comprise an afternoon and eveningsession, bridged by a networking tea-break.

Date: Saturday (August 19) at an informally interactive curtain raiser and collective-thinking
Conference Room #2 of India International Centre, New Delhi
2:30pm to 5:30pm: Overviews of "TheIDEA" and "CeC & CaC",with screening of a global cross-section of e-Creative works from ourarchives, and also a couple of presentations from a fascinating delegation from Korea.
6:30pm: features a couple of rawelectroacoustic demo-performances by Ashim Ghosh and Shankar Barua

More details:

Sunday, August 13

MARGINS - a play by Pandies’ Theatre

pandies’ theatre
invites you to a performance of
directed by sanjay kumar

Shri Ram Centre (Main Audi)
18th, 19th and 20th of August 2006
at 6.30 pm

Please be seated 15 minutes before the commencement of the show

MARGINS: Yeh sab tadan ke adhikari

Gender, class, religion and caste, the mainstreaming Indian state has evolved in a manner that many are excluded, they lie on the margins. MARGINS is the coming together of three short scripts linked in their critique of the mainstream of our state and society from diverse peripheral “women” perspectives.

The first plot borrows a real life story from the files of a women’s organisation Shaktishalini. The story is based in Delhi, centring round a lower middle class case of a muslim family. The script examines state constructions of justice for muslims, women and muslim women.

The second leaning on archetypal Dalit autobiographies reconstructs another real story though from a different perspective. It juxtaposes caste and gender. Hidden within a sceptical anti-brahminical cover is the question whether gender transcends caste? Is it possible for a Dalit man to exploit an upper caste woman? Who is in the margins?

The third, set in the lower class, is a rollicking farce. Slicing hegemonic patriarchal structures from diverse marginal perspectives, the script juxtaposes constructions of masculinity with the spirit of football.

Sourced from workshop experiences and conversations with and readings from those involved, the plays have been scripted by Sanjay Kumar, Anuradha Marwah and Anand Prakash respectively.

Thursday, August 10

Andha Yug - A play by Manish Joshi

Andha Yug is one of the most significant plays of modern India. Written immediately after the partition of the Indian subcontinent, the play is a profound meditation on the politics of violence and aggressive selfhood.
The moral burden of the play is that every act of violence inevitably debases society as a whole.
It captures the essential tension between the nightmare of self-enchantment, which the story of the Kauravas represents, and the ever-present possibility of finding a way out of the cycle of revenge into a redemptive ethicality.

Date: 12th August'06
Time: 7pm (Duration 120 mins)
Venue: Poorva Sanskrit Kendra, Laxmi Nagar (E.Delhi)
Entry: Tickets (I don't know source right now. I have 2 extra passes for DoingDelhi readers)
Notes: The writer of the play is Dharmavir Bharti of Suraj ka Satwan fame, whose bio can be found here.

Tuesday, August 8

RSJ Live Nites, August


Sunday, 6th August

Band: Them Clones (Unplugged Set)
Venue: Café Chinese & Thai, JMD Regent Square, Guragaon
Time: 8:00 pm – 11:15 pm
Entry: Free

Thursday, 10th August
Band: Pink Noise (kolkatta) & Half Step Down
Venue: SOHO, Ashoka Hotel
Time: 8:30 pm onwards
Entry: 150/-

Friday, 11th August
Band: Parikrama
Venue: DV8, Regal Building
Time: 8:30 pm onwards
Entry: 150/- + 300/- cover charge redeemable at the bar

Sunday, 13th August
Band: Pink Noise (kolkatta) & SOAP
Venue: Turquoise Cottage, Adchini
Time: 8:30 pm onwards
Entry: 100/-

Sunday, 20th August
Band: Undying Inc + 2 other bands TBA
Time: 8:00 pm onwards
Entry: 100/-

Thursday, 24th August
Venue: SOHO, Ashoka Hotel
Time: 8:30 pm onwards
Entry: 150/-

Sunday, 27th August
Band: HFT
Venue: Turquoise Cottage
Time: 8:30 pm onwards
Entry: 100/-

Note: The first two gigs are highly recommended. Them Clones' unplugged set is something that should probably be bootlegged. Pink Noise has three of Skinny Alley group members, so expect some jazzy, bluesy music, and some great guitarwork from Amyt Datta.

Thursday, August 3


Geeta Chandran presents Kaikeyi

Date: August 25-26, 2006
Venue: Akshara theatre
Performance Outline:
  • Act One reinvents the form of a praveshadaru to paint a portrait of Kaikeyi through movement
  • Act Two uses recorded text in the form of spoken word, rap and song, to create urban political intrigue.
  • Act Three looks at Kaikeyi's inner psyche after events have left her devastated and utterly rejected, utilizing abstract text and theatre techniques.The Prologue and Epilogue situate Kaikeyi's story within the current context, highlighting her as a political – and amazingly contemporary – victim of an unforgiving patriarchal establishment.
Bharatanatyam dancer Geeta Chandran explores new areas of performance art in her latest work entitled KAIKEYI.


(more details when/if I get 'em)

Tuesday, August 1

The August Blues Fest

The Blues Club presents
The August Blues Fest

Black Market (3rd August)
Soulmate (4th & 5th August)
Saturday Night Blues Band (6th August)
Lou Majaw (6th August)

Dates 3rd-6th August
Venue: Haze Blues and Jazz Bar
Time: 8:30 pm onwards
Entry: Special Food and Beverage Packages available.

Pls Note:
1. At the last such event (same organisers, same place, almost the same bands), the special food and beverage packages were priced at Rs.100 and Rs.500
2. Better to reach early. According to this post, the last such event was packed, and one had to stand. But it seems it was worth it.