Saturday, August 19

CeC & CaC 2007 curtain raiser event

The proposed incident, presented by India InternationalCentre and TheAcademy of Electronic Arts, is called "The idea of TheIDEA ... and otherideas", and will comprise an afternoon and eveningsession, bridged by a networking tea-break.

Date: Saturday (August 19) at an informally interactive curtain raiser and collective-thinking
Conference Room #2 of India International Centre, New Delhi
2:30pm to 5:30pm: Overviews of "TheIDEA" and "CeC & CaC",with screening of a global cross-section of e-Creative works from ourarchives, and also a couple of presentations from a fascinating delegation from Korea.
6:30pm: features a couple of rawelectroacoustic demo-performances by Ashim Ghosh and Shankar Barua

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Blogger Sushmit said...

hi mridu,

Friends of Tibet (FoT) will be organizing an interactive talk with imminent tibetan and indian personalities.

Venue - IHC, Casurina Hall
Date - 28th August, Monday
Time - 6.30 pm


do make time to come. for more details, log onto or call tara at 9810513969


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Blogger Sushmit said...

crap! not mridu!! was meant for someone else! but could u plz put up as post anyways...would be great...thanks!

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